56th National Neurology Congress

With International Participation

November 28 to December 2, 2020/Online

Main Theme : Neurogenetics









Invitation Letter

Dear Members of the Turkish Neurologic Society

Unfortunately, we ve had to make arrangements for the National Neurology Congress, which is organized by the Turkish Neurological Society and will be held for the 56th time this year, under challenging conditions amid the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the whole world and in an upsetting situation due to our losses. As humanity has been so weak and desperate in its fight against this new enemy despite the current cutting-edge technology and information level it reached, it has undoubtedly made all of us reflect more about working harder, sharing information and using it for the benefit of humanity. One of the increasingly important facts was that there was a need for effective collaboration between the scientific disciplines and for a multidisciplinary approach. Regrettably, as the healthcare professionals we had to carry the heaviest burden at this time when social and economic sciences are also constrained.

Dear colleagues,
As the members of the Board of Directors of TNS and Scientific Working Groups, we continue our efforts even at this challenging time to organize the congress that provides the most important contribution to continuous education with the great support and devoted support of our professors, secretariat of the society and organizing company. Your feedback was and is still definitely one of the most important bases we ve relied on to further improve our congress. Against all the odds, we aspire to hold our congress online as a more diverse, more active and more beneficial platform of family and honor than the previous year where all kinds of aspects in neurology will be exchanged as we do every year.

Improving its development and influence with a great impetus in this century, Neurology” continues to grow across the world with an impact it creates not only in the scientific field but also social field and spheres of life. There is no health without brain health” is emphasized on all platforms while setting healthcare policies. Neurological diseases are one of the groups of diseases that bring the highest burden on the shoulders of patients, patient relatives and healthcare professionals while they are on the top of the list as regards the years lost due to ill-health. 10% of global mortalities around the world are caused by neurological diseases. Intended to help Turkish neurology specialists catch up with the developments in our field, find solutions to challenges and issues we encounter in our medical practice, exchange information about our studies, knowledge and experience and contribute to such developments, The 56th National Neurology Congress Online” will be held on 27 November- 2 December 2020  on an online platform, which will appeal to not only neurologists in Turkey this year but also those in the countries of this region.

The main theme of this year s congress will be neurogenetics”.

The main theme of this year s congress will be neurogenetics”. Therefore, at the 56th National Neurology Congress, we will share the latest know-how and information in the field of neurogenetics, current clinical diagnostic and treatment approaches with you together with invited speakers who are experienced experts in their respective fields.
Most of the diseases in society develop as a result of complex causes including the interaction between one gene or multiple genes and environmental factors. Sometimes just one gene is the cause of such diseases. More than 200 hereditary neurological diseases presenting different neurological signs are known to be single gene diseases. They include Huntington s Disease and muscular dystrophies, which are the most common and best-known examples. However, almost 90% of the neurologic diseases develop when environmental causes are combined with genetic predisposition. In another word, they are referred to as multifactorial disorders that are caused by an interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Most of the neurologic diseases such as cancers and hypertension (most epileptic diseases, migraine, non-familial forms of Parkinson s and Alzheimer s Disease) are the examples.
Genetics deals with the structure and functioning of genes, their duties, patterns of inheritance from parent to offspring and gene distribution in population. Covering such a broad area, genetics is divided into several branches. Basically, genetic counseling has an important role in addition to clinical and laboratory works.

Our know-how has also expanded in parallel to the advancements in science and technology in the last 50 years. There are genetic epidemiological studies conducted to explore the genetic factors leading to the distribution, development and control of diseases in families and population, determine the associations between diseases and their genetic basis and gene-environment interactions.

In addition to the main theme, a wide range of scientific contents will be discussed in one-day and half-day courses and other sessions of the congress that are organized by scientific working groups who serve in specific branches of neurology.  At In The Region” session that is held every year to exchange and review the neurological problems faced in our region with the colleagues from the neighboring countries will be titled COVID-19 in The Region” this year. This meeting will also be held online. Oral and poster presentations will be evaluated by the jury to be nominated by the working groups and selected by the TNS, thereby enabling especially young colleagues to present their scientific efforts and products in the best way possible.

For nurse friends who always stand by us in neurology education and service, this year there will again be one and half day course for neurology nurses.

Issues we face in our profession, Implementing Regulation in Healthcare and Social Security Institution practices, problems faced in employee personal rights, ongoing and completed processes will be presented individually and discussed collectively in a special workshop.  Neurologists practicing different areas of neurology including particularly neurology specialists who are fulfilling their compulsory service and work at private healthcare facilities will share their experience and issues they face while suggested solutions including legal assistance will also be discussed together. Questions and wishes about these aspects will be collected before and during the congress and conveyed to the moderators before the workshop. 


We hope that the online congress will be useful, active and friendly for our neurological  society. Looking  forward to seeing you...

Kind Regards,
Prof. Şerefnur Öztürk
President of Turkish Neurological Society
On behalf of Congress Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee