57th National Neurology Congress

With International Participation

November 27 to December 1, 2021/Hybrid

Main Theme : Sleep Medicine









Invitation Letter

Dear Members of he Turkish Neurological Society and Distinguished Participants Who Set Their Hearts on Neurology,

The National Neurology Congress is the most important scientific and social platform that we all have been waiting for the year around and where we exchange our scientific efforts, reinforce our knowledge and skills, fulfill our longing for friends. With these aspects, it is our most important activity. Until last year we could meet in person; however, due to the restrictions as we had in all areas since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, we began to organize it online. COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge burden on society and of course healthcare professionals including also neurologists and neurology residents have had to bear the biggest part of that burden. Unfortunately, we are sorry to have lost our dearest colleagues in this period and shared the sorrow of their loved ones. This period will never ever be forgotten, our altruist friends will always rest in our hearts. While this period leaving behind unbearable sufferings are becoming normalized, we’ve tried to heal our sorrows and give new hopes to our young colleagues. We’ve tried to see and understand each other even though it was online through a series of virtual meetings.

The 57th National Congress was planned to be online initially but we also consider hybrid form as an alternative plan depending on the course of the pandemic. Current circumstances allow us to host certain number of participants physically. Given these circumstances, our congress will be organized in he form of “Hybrid Congress” on November 27- December 2, 2021 at Maritim Pine Beach Resort Hotel and Congress Center both face-to-face and via live streaming online depending on your demands and unless the restrictions are introduced due to the pandemic. If speakers and participants wish, they will be able to participate either in person or online.

The main theme of the 57th National Neurology Congress is "Sleep Medicine". Sleep is a matter which people have always been curious about since ancient times and various hypotheses about how and why we sleep have been proposed. Sleep and its neurophysiology have been substantially clarified especially in the last 60 years in the light of new developments. Physicians’ and people’s awareness have been raised especially in recent years regarding sleep disorders.

Sleep Medicine is a branch that is mainly adopted mainly by neurologists in Turkey. Besides, a wide range of specialists from chest diseases specialists, psychiatrists and ear-nose-throat specialists and dentists are also interested in this field. A multidisciplinary approach is essential to recognize sleep-related diseases and refer patients to physicians who deal with Sleep Medicine. Around 75 sleep disorders listed in the International Sleep Disorders Classification that was revised in 2014 are closely related to many other medical and neurological diseases.

In this context, within the framework of this congress’s main theme "Sleep Medicine", neurophysiology and diseases of sleep will be discussed in the scope of their associations with neurological diseases. Ensuring healthy sleep pattern, early detection and treatment of sleep disorders will allow us to provide better treatment for all our patients

Apart from the main theme, a wide range of scientific contents have been determined by the scientific working groups engaged in specific fields of neurology, which will contain 26 half-day and 5 full-day courses and other congress sessions. As the courses are limited by a quota, participants wishing to attend courses with credit need to do pre-registration. In addition to experienced and active colleagues specialized in both the main theme of the congress and neurological diseases, young scientists will also take part in the scientific program of the congress according to the programs of the working groups. Distinguished national and international speakers will share their scientific studies and experience in the congress. This year, we will discuss a different topic during the “In The Region” session where the neurological problems in the region are reviewed and exchanged between the representatives of the neighboring countries “In The Region”. Oral and poster presentations will be evaluated by the jury to be proposed by the working groups and assigned by the TNS and especially young colleagues will be encouraged to present their scientific efforts and products in the best possible way.

This year we will organize a one and half day course for neurology nurses who always stand by us in the field of neurology education and service.

Problems we face in our profession, regulatory and reimbursement (SUT-SGK) practices, issues faced as regards personal rights, ongoing and completed processes will be discussed individually and collectively in a special workshop. As in the previous congresses, neurologists working in different fields of neurology will be able to share their experience and problems they face especially those who face issues in their compulsory service and at private healthcare facilities and discuss possible solutions including legal support. Their questions and suggestions will be collected before and during the congress and communicated to the moderators before the workshop. 

Turkish medical Association will assign credit for participation in this congress and we will also try to ensure that as many participants as possible especially young colleagues who will make presentations get support for the congress registration, transportation and accommodation. We also expect more participants than last year.

We hope that this congress will be fruitful, lively and friendly for our neurological soiety. Looking forward to seeing you...

Kind Regards,
Prof. Şerefnur Öztürk
On behalf of Congress Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee